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Welcome to Lance & Laser Models! 
We offer a wide variety of high quality, collectible pewter figurines for gaming and painting.
In addition to our General Fantasy line, we also feature miniatures for Dave Arneson's Select, HeroQuest, Penumbra, Living Legends Superheroes, Battle Dragons, Bureau 13, WarChest and Quactica.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express at our online store, and also have a PDF Order Form link above for fax and mail orders.

All U.S. Active Duty Service Members receive a 10% discount when shipped to a Military Address!


Our friend Rodrick Campbell from Highlander Studios had some fun with the Quactica Pork and Duck Command groups- check it out on our Gallery Page!

We are pleased to announce that Zeitgeist Games has chosen Lance & Laser to produce
Dave Arneson's Select line of miniatures to complement Dave Arneson's Blackmoor: the MMRPG! (Massively Multiplayer RPG Game) Here are pictures of some of the creatures stalking the World of Blackmoor:
Ash Goblins- Code 04004 Ash Goblin Wolf Riders- Code 04005
Ash Goblins- Code 04004 may be small, but they're sneaky and nasty Especially when mounted on wolves Code 04005
Thouls- Code 04009 Beastmen- Code 04008
Thouls- Code 04009 are a ghastly hybrid of ghouls and trolls And a wide variety of Beastmen- Code 04008 stalk the land!
Afridi- Code 04001 Be sure to check back soon- we'll have more pictures and product information posted shortly

About Zeitgeist Games, Inc. – Founded in 2002 by Dave Arneson and Dustin Clingman, Zeitgeist Games produces a variety high quality of electronic and hobby oriented games. In 2004, Zeitgeist Games released Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor alongside publishing partner Goodman Games.

D&D and Blackmoor are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast.
The dreaded Afridi- Code 04001 are the scourge of Blackmoor

Check out our Origins 2005 Report for pictures of the usual suspects from our hometown convention!

Our friend Grégory Privat from Gloranthan Army has sent us some new pictures of painted figures, so we created a new Gallery Page featuring his work.

We are now advertising on [TMP] The Miniatures Page! Bill Armintrout has long been a friend and supporter of miniatures and gaming. We highly recommend becoming a supporting member of his great miniatures site because of the many services it provides for manufacturers, retailers, and customers of the hobby.

The Quactica Mice have nibbled their way in!
Quactica Mice- Code 07013
Sculpted by the dashing young Steve Lortz (who also painted the figures above), these rascally rodents stand about 20mm tall - 5 models per pack. Code 07013
Mouse King's Court- Code 07026
And His Royal Highness, the Mouse King- Code 07026, has arrived with his court

More scaly beasts in the Fantasy line! The Wyvern has about a 5½ inch wingspan, and a 2 headed dragon can ruin any knight's day
Wyvern Code 00158 Two-Headed Dragon- Code 00159
Code 00158
Two-Headed Dragon
Code 00159

There are a lot more details, bigger pictures, and many minis at our online store, so click the link and take a look!

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